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Superbowl Pools a Drain?

The Superbowl is just a few days away, and I just picked out the boxes in my annual office pool. I was psyched that I got to be one of the first people to choose my boxes, but it got me thinking….are these pools appropriate for the workplace? What about the NCAA Final Four, and fantasy football leagues?

How do these activities impact your organization’s productivity and resources? ┬áIt seems pretty time-consuming to visit all of the various departments soliciting involvement and keeping everyone informed. If someone wants to organize a pool and still gets their job done, what’s the real harm and impact? I personally do not see these pools as a problem, and perhaps they have positive team building and morale benefits.

What stands out the most to me is the ambiguity of whether or not it is allowed. I recently looked in my employee manual, and could not find anything about gambling or fantasy sports.

According to a 2010 SHRM study, 79% of the 280 organizations polled do not have a formal or informal gambling policy. Fifty-five percent of respondents saw a positive impact on morale, while 37% saw a negative impact on productivity.

Does your organization currently have a gambling policy in place?


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